Potatoes and cheese curds

If you had told me a couple of weeks ago that cooking potatoes in the microwave was not only possible but common practice in the States, I wouldn’t have believed you. But this is actually the case in most American households. It still baffles me that a country with so many topchefs and cooking shows can have such strange culinary habits. Not only do they cook potatoes in the microwave, in Wisconsin I got to taste something called “cheese curds”. Wisconsin is the dairy state, so cheese curds are very popular over there. The first time I tried cheese curds it reminded me of fried mozzarella sticks, and that is basically what it is. For those who want to know more about cheese curds, check out this website: http://www.eatcurds.com/
I could probably write a lot more about strange American eating habits, but for now I’m gonna stick to these two.
America, what a strange country!


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