Let the countdown begin…

In three days I’m stepping on a plane to New York and starting my very own adventure in the States. I’m not sure my adventure in the US will last, my CELTA course ends mid-October and after that there’s really no saying where I’m going to end up, and even though that makes me nervous, I’m definitely going to enjoy my month and a half I know I’ll be there.  First I have a weekend by myself in NYC, to which I’ve never been (well, at least not consciously, we visited when I was a baby) and after that I’m headed to Chicago, where I am meeting an AFS-friend I haven’t seen in six years!(Hannah Weiger, I’m talking about you!)  I’ll spend a week at her place in Burlington, Wisconsin and then head down to see my dad’s AFS parents in Pen Argyl, Pennsylvannia. I’ll be staying there for a week as well before I take the Greyhound to Boston, which will be my hometown for the next six weeks. As I said before, I am taking a CELTA course, which is short for Certified English Language Teacher (for Adults). With this certification I am hoping to teach English on a more international level, and I’m not really limiting myself in the job search country-wise. As long as it’s a safe country that is not China or Russia, I’m willing to go. Maybe I’ll find a job in the States, maybe not, I’m not really expecting anything, apart from actually finding a job (as an English language teacher) soon after I get certified. Hopefully that is not too high of an expectation. I’ll keep you posted on all that is going on!


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