Time to leave now

‘Time to leave now, get out of this room, go somewhere, anywhere, sharpen this feeling of happiness and freedom, stretch your limbs, fill your eyes, be awake, wider awake, vividly awake in every sense and every pore.’
Stefan Zweig

I haven’t been in New Zealand for ten days and I can already feel myself changing. I didn’t know it, but back in Belgium, it seems like I was stuck in a rut. Maybe that’s typical for a rut, you don’t know you’re in it until you get out of it, but it was definitely the case for me. Here, halfway around the world, 11 hours ahead of everyone I know and love, I am finding myself once more. I have the energy to get up at eight o’clock and long to go outside and play in the park instead. I am always surprised how fast time flies by during the day. Things are definitely great here in New Zealand.
I started running again, three times a week. It seems like this country was made for running. The scenery is amazing and even though running uphill isn’t easy, I’m getting better at it every time. By the time I get back I’ll hopefully be in a good enough shape to run the 10K at home. Because I’ve been fairly busy these couple of days watching Jasmin, since she has vacation right now, I haven’t made any friends, but I’m seriously enjoying the me-time. After a busy day of playing, visiting Sea Life or going to the movies, it’s nice that I can clear my mind, check the internet for some inspiration of what we can do the next day or just look around on the internet for ways to expand my horizon.
So far I’ve stumbled upon two options for next week, when I’ll be a lot less busy since Jasmin will be going to school again. Even before I got here I wanted to take singing lessons (see my previous post) so in my first week I sent an e-mail to a singing teacher here in Auckland, but unfortunately I haven’t gotten any response. I’ll just wait it out, maybe she’s also on vacation.
The next option is French classes. After what I’ve heard from my friends who are currently looking for a job, I’m convinced that French is a good option if you want to work in Belgium. I’m not sure that I want to work in Belgium, but I might, and knowing anothother language is always a nice thing to add to your resumé. (Look at me being all grown-up and thinking about my resumé :-D) Anyway, so that will keep my busy three nights a week and then there’s also my running schedule for during the day.
These are things I would never do in Belgium. Well, I did go running in Belgium, but never like this, what with the hills and all. I don’t know why it takes moving to another country to start taking singing lessons, but I’m hoping I’ll get a response soon because I’m really excited. About the French lessons, I think the reason I never took them in Belgium was maybe a lack of time, but also a lack of interest. I didn’t really feel the urge to take classes at night when I was already taking classes at University during the day, and also, there was no need since none of my friends spoke French. Now, on the other hand, with my boyfriend’s family being more fluent in French than Dutch, it would be nice to have a conversation with them where I’m not stumbling over my words like I do now. These classes are also going to be a great opportunity for me to make some friends, since running and singing are things I prefer to do by myself.
Looking up at the quote that I put up there, I realize how much it can be applied to me. A couple of hours ago I was outside running in this beautiful park and when I got on the road, it dawned on me that I had no idea whether I should go left or right. I just went right, deciding on the spot, and fortunately I was right, but unfortunately after running about a kilometer, I thought I was wrong. So I turned around and ran back for about a kilometer and a half, and when I saw the shopping mall I knew I was wrong, so I turned around again. In Belgium this would have frustrated me so much, but here, I didn’t care, I just kept on running, enjoying a beautiful full moon and a nice, cold breeze.
Anyway, right now, in this moment, life is amazing, and even though I’m so far away from everyone I know, I definitely wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! And on this happy not I’m going to end this post 🙂