Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’
Neale Donald Walsch

The idea for this new entry came to me while having a conversation with a friend. We were talking about how he sometimes (okay, most times) didn’t really get the subtle hints people gave him (hey, what else can you expect from men) and that this misunderstanding sometimes pushed people out of their comfort zone, because they weren’t used to saying what they wanted out loud and were “forced” into a situation that was outside of their comfort zone. I didn’t really get the problem, though, because I think being pushed outside your comfort zone is a good thing, and if it’s really too much, you’ll speak up.

Anyhow, it got me thinking about my comfort zone. I have to admit, I thought about it a lot, and I still don’t know where my comfort zone is and where it isn’t. I know I definitely have one, I just don’t know where it ends. I rarely find myself in situations where I think to myself: “Wow, this is strange, I don’t really like this”, in fact, ever since I came back from Paraguay, if I find myself in a situation where I’m not sure what is happening, I vocalize my thoughts and in most cases, that takes the awkwardness right out of the situation.
I think my comfort zone ends where certainties fall away. Not even two minutes ago, my boyfriend asked me (on a whim, of course) if we could go to Pakistan, and without hesitation my answer was “no”, because I don’t know anything about the Middle East, I don’t know what traveling with him is like and the idea is just so surreal, us going to Pakistan. But that is the good thing about him, he takes me outside of my comfort zone. He’s an avid hitchhiker, and has hitchhiked his way through Europe, while I have never sat in a car with a complete stranger for five minutes, let alone five hours. So you could say hitchhiking is definitely outside my comfort zone. Nevertheless, there’s a good chance that the both of us will hitchhike to France, and I have to admit, I’m getting pretty excited about it.

The good thing about myself, is that I’m a pretty impulsive person, and there have been plenty of times this made me push myself out of my comfort zone. About two months ago, a friend of mine launched a request for a friend of her brother on Facebook: they were searching for someone who wanted to play a leopard in a movie, and I jumped at the chance. I had never met the friend’s brother, or his friend for that matter, but I didn’t think and just went for it. It wasn’t until I met everyone, that I realized, I don’t know any of these people and I have no idea what I have to do. But in the end it was a lot of fun, and I just saw the result and it looks great! (If you want to see, here’s the link: )

Anyway, back to what I was saying earlier. I suddenly realized that “outside of my comfort zone” means “outside of the things I know” and writing it down like that I feel really stupid, because isn’t that what your comfort zone is all about, the things you know? I think the more important question is: how do I get out of my comfort zone? It’s hard to say. I think other people are the best way to get out of your own comfort zone, because everyone has a different comfort zone, or at least, a different size of comfort zone, and other people are rarely aware of someone else’s comfort zone, so if they have a bigger comfort zone, they’ll almost automatically make you get out of your comfort zone.

Anyhow, getting out of your comfort zone to me, is a good thing, and according to the internet, there are plenty of people who agree with me. The reason why I think people should get out of their comfort zone is because sometimes it forces people to change their preconceptions they have of what is outside their comfort zone. Take me for example. I think hitchhiking is dangerous and really difficult, but hearing stories from my boyfriend, it changes my perspective. I still think it’s dangerous for girls to go alone, but I’m really amazed at how helpful and kind people are, even Belgians. And although I would never hitchhike by myself, the idea of hitchhiking doesn’t scare me anymore.

Well, this is about it, feel free to tell me why you think getting out of your comfort zone is good, or, in case you disagree, why not.