There is one thing more exasperating than a wife who can cook and won’t.

‘There is one thing more exasperating than a wife who can cook and won’t, and that’s a wife who can’t cook and will.’
Robert Frost

I really love cooking, and luckily I’ve been told by my friends that I am also a pretty good cook. Food is very important to me, and not just any kind of food but good food. When I left for Erasmus, suddenly I had to cook seven days a week for myself, and trust me, cooking for one person is harder than it looks. The food in the Irish supermarket wasn’t very varied, and on top of that, very different than the food I can find in any Belgian supermarket. So I just couldn’t get by anymore with copying whatever kind of food my mom made, I had to try out putting things together that I had never done before. I started looking up recipes and about three weeks into my erasmus, I developed the love for cooking. Luckily for me, I have had very little problems with eating vegetables or fish, so I wasn’t too limited in my cooking. And apparently, being in the kitchen and cooking and baking was not only fun, but also good for my health, because I lost a lot of weight while I was abroad. However, the big challenge was when I got back home. Not only could I not gain any weight, I gave myself a target weight and I still had to lose a couple of kilograms before I actually got there. There was a short period where I lost my target weight out of sight, but right now, I still have to lose 2,5 kg and I want to do it before the Easter holidays are over (which is in about a month).
Two weeks ago I finally felt ready and had some friends over for dinner. Luckily we had loads of fun and everyone actually enjoyed the food, because I plan on doing it again, I just loved it! So dear friends, beware, when everything has calmed down, you might find a dinner invitation in the mail 😉
The good thing about cooking is that in the beginning, you can stick to the recipe, but as your tastebuds and cooking skills evolve, you can start deviating from the recipe or just not use a recipe, which is nearly impossible with baking. There are many good cooks that are not a big fan of baking because everything is very precise, and I can imagine there are probably a lot of bakers that are no fan of cooking since the lines of what you can or can’t add are very blurry. For the moment, I still like doing both, because I like to follow a recipe. That way, when it’s not all that good, I can just blame it on the recipe. 😛 The other day I made a dish with shrimp and pasta, and the recipe said to add some sugar to the sauce, but in the end, that was not the best decision, since for me, it was a bit to sweet. But hey, I wrote it down and it’s a mistake I won’t make next time.
Anyhow, this is about it, I would just like to give my readers one advice: if you like eating, try your hand at cooking, it’s not that hard and recipes can be found everywhere, from Pinterest to websites from chefs (my favorite for desserts is, the website from Nigella Lawson) or just type in what you want to make in Google and guarantee something nice and easy will pop up (unless you’re trying to make fresh gnocchi, which is even really difficult for professional chefs). And you know what they say: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!