And in today already walks tomorrow.

‘And in today already walks tomorrow.’
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The future is something I have never really worried about. I know what I want to be, I know where I want to live and that seemed most important to me. But right now I feel the future I imagined approaching rapidly and that scares me a bit. Next year I am going abroad with Erasmus during the first semester and the second semester I’ll hopefully be doing my internship abroad. And then I’ll have my last year of studying. Suddenly it’s all becoming real. And I can’t help but wonder: ‘Will it be like I imagine it will be?’
The choices I make now will more than ever affect my future. And everyone knows that most of the time to choose means to lose. Which makes my hesitant about every choice I make, because so much depends on it and there is so much I want to do. I would love to be a teacher, but if I choose translator as my master, that would mean there would be a lot less focus on my speaking skills, which is what a teacher needs most.
On the other hand, if I choose interpreter as my master, it would be very unlikely for me to become an editor of a magazine, and enroll in the writing world, which is, ultimately, my dream. Writing is my passion, but I’m sure it needs to evolve more if I want to make a living off of it.
So although I’m not a hundred percent sure of what I should choose, I am going to make a choice, because (to quote Jeff Goins) “nobody changed the world by being indecisive”.

And to me, that seems like a nice quote to end with!



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