Tell me sweet little lies

‘Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.’
Fleetwood Mac

Let’s be honest, everyone tells lies. Going from ‘You look great!’ to ‘I only ate one of those cupcakes’. Once in a while we prefer a lie over the truth, I mean, I’m still to find a person who likes hearing that their singing sucks. But where do we draw the line?
I wonder if I’m good at facing the truth. I mean, I think I am, but I’m not sure. If I was told that I’m not the writer I think I am, it would definitely come as a big shock. But then again, my dream of becoming a writer is getting so big, I would rather have someone tell me right now instead of five years from now.
To me, the worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves. I mean, if you can’t be honest with yourself, you can never be honest with others. We all make mistakes, that’s okay, it’s how we learn, but if you lie about it to yourself, there is no way you’ll learn from your mistakes. It’s normal sometimes that we lie to ourselves, it’s a¬†self-defense mechanism, but lies are always short-term. In the end, it’s better to cope with the truth. I’m not saying you can’t lie, sometimes we really need it to protect ourselves, but just remember that in the long run, lying doesn’t help anybody.
To be honest though, telling the truth to everyone doesn’t always help either. It’s okay to have some secrets of our own. I used to lie. A lot. Then, I saw it wasn’t doing me any good, so I started telling the truth. A lot. But when I saw that wasn’t me doing any good as well, I realized there is something called ‘the happy medium.’ There are just some things you have to keep to yourself. Keeping secrets is not the same as lying. In my opinion, everyone is entitled to their own secrets. And that is something I’m learning just now. If I don’t want to discuss it, I just say, ‘that’s none of your business’ and that’s that.