Three things I know to be true

‘Three things I know to be true.’
Jeff Goins

I discovered a new blog, which I can honestly say amazed me at the least. It gave me inspiration to write a new entry so soon after my last one 🙂
Jeff Goins is a writer with his own blog where he writes mostly about, well, blogging and writing.  But sometimes he writes about things that he comes across in daily life. One of them was a video of a twenty-something woman saying that she knows three things in life to be true. Jeff Goins thought about that and wrote down three things he knew to be true. And I was so inspired by that, I decided to do the same.
For the curious amongst you, I’ll first put a link of the post from Jeff Goins his blog, on which you can find the video as well.

So here are my three things I know to be true:
1. I love to write.
I would even say, I’m a born writer. I’ve kept diaries starting from age 7 up until now, and throughout the years I have written everything from letters to very long emails to entries in a blog. Writing is what I want to do for the rest of my life. In this ever changing environment, my writing is the one constant thing that keeps me going. When I was in Paraguay, whenever I got bored, I would write.
I’m not a very creative person, except when I’m writing. My imagination runs wild and I come up with these great ideas. Only to forget them an hour later. Luckily I’m a pretty quick learner when it comes to these things, so now I keep pen and paper nearby at all times as not to lose some of my great (ahum) ideas.
Before I went to Paraguay, I had already decided what I would study in college when I came back: translator. But I had so much time there, I started thinking. I got to know myself better and realized that writing was what I wanted to do. So instead of wanting to study to be a translator, I started thinking about studying journalism, which is much closer to writing than translating. However, my parents urged me to choose translating, and I did. (Not only because my parents wanted me to, but mostly because they had some valid arguments I hadn’t considered.) And I’m so glad I did. In this world that is getting increasingly smaller every day thanks to the internet, a good knowledge of language is key. And thanks to my education I have that. I will always be a writer, whatever my education might have been. So know, I am not only a writer, but a writer with a very good knowledge of English and Dutch (which is normal, ’cause it’s my native language), a good knowledge of Spanish and a fair knowledge of French and German. (Or at least, that is what I tell myself.)

2. Grooveshark is so much better than Spotify.
This may sound a bit stupid, but I really want to get the word out there, and what better way to do it than through my blog? (There are probably better ways, but hey, who really cares?) It probably won’t surprise you that I’m on Facebook, as is most of the world population. I think it was about three or four weeks ago that I suddenly saw all these post: “[Name friend] has listened to [song] by [artist] on Spotify”. At first I didn’t think too much of it, but after a while it was all over my Facebook, so I decided to take a look a that Spotify thing. I found out it was a program, where you could look up any song you wanted and listen to it, which is exactly like Grooveshark. I decided to give it a try, and compiled a playlist, which was fairly easy. But while I was doing the dishes, I stumbled upon the biggest difference between Grooveshark and Spotify: commercials (by lack of a better word). I don’t understand how people have no problem with listening to two songs and then someone talking about upgrading your Spotify or the uses of Spotify and so on.
So allow me to explain grooveshark. It’s a website ( that has nearly every song you can come up with (except those from Adele, strangely enough). You can just look up songs and let them play, or you can create an account and do loads of other things as well. You can add a song to your library, you can create playlists, you can share a song on various social network sites, you can even look up some friends that also have an account and see what they have recently (or not so recently) listened to, you can search through their music, the possibilities are unlimited. And that without annoying commercials in between songs or without having to pay for it. So if you truly love music, get off of Spotify and on Grooveshark!

3. I like to be alone.
I was really hesitant about what I should put as a third thing. Suddenly, I fell without inspiration. There are so many things I know to be true, but I had to find something that I could write about, since this is, after all, a blog. There are a couple of reasons why I wrote that I like to be alone. The first one is, not many people know it. I’m a very social person, I make contact with strangers easily and I trust people faster than I should. But in spite of all that, I actually like to be alone. In a way, it makes me stronger. Not having to depend upon anyone. What people sometimes seem to forget, is that there is a difference between being alone and being lonely. To me, alone is a state, while lonely on the other hand is more of a feeling. You can be lonely and still be in a room full of people, or you can be alone but not feel lonely. The second reason why I wrote this down, is because it’s something I have trouble with admitting to myself. Because it’s not like me. It’s as if I have two opposites in me, an ‘alone me’ and a ‘social me’, and I can’t have both. It’s always one or the other that takes the upper hand, and most of the time it’s the social me. But more and more I feel that I must listen to the alone me, or it’s going to come out at a time when I least want it to.
Luckily, my exams are coming up in a month, so I have a pretty good reason to let the alone me out. I’m going to let it feast while I study as hard as I can, so my ‘social me’ isn’t suppressed when I go skiing with my friends.

This is the end of this post, but if you liked it, be sure to leave a comment. Maybe think for a minute what three things you know to be true.


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