Without music life would be a mistake

‘Without music life would be a mistake’
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Music is so important to me. I can’t go a minute without it. Even now I’m listening to music. Since I’m such a fan of music, it’s only normal I’m also a huge fan of Glee. At first I was a bit skeptical, thinking it would be over the top, and sometimes it is, but that is the deal with music. It can go over the top without it bugging you. To me, music is art. It is a way of expressing  yourself, how you feel, who you are. But it much more accesible than paintings and much clearer than poetry. We come in contact with it everyday, and I believe it influences our mood. We also put different music on depending on the mood we’re in. Some people put on sad music when they’re sad, because it echoes our emotions. Others put on happy, upbeat music, so they can get over themselves and just feel happy. I do both. Sometimes, when I feel sad, I really need some self-pity. I know it’s a bit lame, but once in a while I like to feel sorry for myself. Other days, I won’t allow it. I put on some loud, popular music and just start dancing. I really love dancing. When I’m dancing I can let go, let go of myself, let go of all the thoughts in my head, let go of crappy things happening around me. And I can just be me.
A song can also really get my mind working. For example, when I hear a song it reminds me of someone or something and I start thinking about that moment. I lived in Paraguay for a year as an exchange student with AFS and that year is linked to a type of music that is very specific for South and Central America. So when I put on some music by Chapa C, Chino y Nacho or Daddy Yankee, it’s like I’m put in a time machine and I travel all the way back to Paraguay. In a way it makes me want to go back even more, but in another way it soothes me, I know that what I experienced over there will always be mine and the friends I made will always be there if I need them.
Music takes me on a journey, a journey in time and in space, sometimes even a journey within myself. And with these wise words I would like to end my first post.


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